Essentials of Data Communications and Networking

Technologies and Their Practical Application

This two-day tutorial is packed with information designed to build a solid foundation of knowledge in data communications and networking technologies, and their meaningful applications. This essentials-level tutorial begins with a discussion of basic concepts and definitions, including transmission systems, switching and routing, and multiplexing. The concepts and specifics of protocols are examined in detail, and they are put in the context of the OSI Reference Model. The discussion of advanced and emerging technologies includes xDSL, SONET, DWDM, Frame Relay, and ATM. The treatment of packet networking includes Voice over Frame Relay (VoFR), Voice over IP (VoIP), and Voice over ATM (VoATM). The TCP/IP protocol suite is explored, including the application layer protocols. Case studies are interwoven throughout the seminar serve to illustrate the key concepts.

Tutorial Outline

Basics of the Technology
Basics of Transmission Systems: Wired and Wireless
Voice Systems: KTS, PBX, ACD Centrex and Application Processors
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Fundamentals
T-Carrier and E-Carrier
Network Signaling & Control: Emphasize SS7
Broadband Network Infrastructure: SONET/SDH
Broadband Services: ATM, The Ultimate Broadband Service
IP Voice: Voice Over The Internet and the Intranet
Voice Over Frame Relay
The Wireless World: Cordless, Cellular, PCS and Beyond

Who Should Attend

Any executive, manager, analyst or other telecommunications professional with a need to truly understand the inner workings of telecom networks, as well as their benefits...and their future.

Course Materials

In addition to the highly narrative and graphics-rich course manual, each delegate will receive a copy of the best-selling Communications Systems & Networks, 3rd edition, by Ray Horak and Mark Miller (Consulting Editor) published by IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.

Course Director: Ray Horak, The Context Corporation

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